Mea Culpa

MH17-research – until today 29SEP2015 I wrote more than 35,000 words on all kinds of subjects related to the shoot down. Mistakes are inevitable and I think it is good practice to admit them, be open about them and give credit to the people who correct them.

29SEP2015 – Criticism from Marcel at
I proved that the infamous photo cable could not have been made from the roof, but my claim the photos cannot have been made from the balcony is contested by reasonable people. The dispute could not be resolved unless someone would take photos from the balcony.

Yana Yerlashova later went to Torez and made the photo that I layered in the ‘original’. Not a match, but it cannot be ruled out completely the cable sunk to a lower position over time.

*What I learned. Be very precise with what you claim and make sure you can back it up with convincing evidence.
*What I learned. Confirmation bias can be a trap even you are aware of it! Here an article that describes twenty cognitive biases.

Remark: eventually proving that the cable shot is impossible, does not rule out the possibility that still a missile was fired from the location of the plume on the photos. And vice versa.

The cable issue is a small part of a much bigger investigation discussed here


30DEC2014 – Wrong geolocation

Input Bellingcat: location of ‘video spot’ falsified.

Instead of simply dismissing the geolocation given by Bellingcat, I should have falsified the data first by finding the ‘real spot’ of the video. The logical fallacy however created a new hypothesis which otherwise I would have completely missed.

*What I learned. First try to falsify somebody’s claim. Do not simply replace it with your own claim.