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MH17 Note Block or my diary if you prefer. Here I will publish information gathered with the hope they will expedite and improve real open source social media research.

#18OCT2015 – ‘Buk launch’ smoke plume

Yesterday afternoon ran as fast as I could (not so fast) and when I got close to the origin of the smoke it had stopped already.


Confirmation: I spoke to a locomotive operator. There are trains transporting coal that lock on wagons exactly on the line of sight photographer – ‘launch spot’ and some trains produce heave smoke before leaving the area.

At first I was very skeptical the black smoke in the ‘Buk launch photo’ could be caused by a train. Until I saw this video:

Few hours later, around sunset, I took this shot showing how common smoke plumes are in this aera.


Status of smoke origin investigation: results still inconclusive

Why this issue is crucial for the criminal MH17 investigation

#16OCT2015 – Stuck with the Buk


Faymonville low loader: height 0m80
Buk without missiles: height 3m80

Total height: >4m68

Exact GPS coordinates of this bridge just before entering Torez.


1) If Buk transported from Donetsk to Torez via N21 Buk had to be off loaded at this point, drive by itself under the bridge then loaded on the trailer again.

2) Alternative routes via center Shacktarsk or Ternove, but then the photo op at the Torez petrol station becomes even harder to explain.


Update 17OCT2015 – maybe it is possible a heavy combination can use the pass over by turning sharply right in front of the bridge. However, what is much more important:

There are many problems with N21 passage. From Donetsk to Torez the terrain is far from flat. A heavy combination will constantly lose speed uphill and has to slow down severely at places with holes in the tarmac. There’s traffic lights and the amount of people living and commuting alongside this road is surprising. At this particular point it might be possible the combination makes a sharp turn to the right and take the overpass.…
What really matters: the journey with Volvo and Buk cannot have taken place on 17JUL2014 for may reasons. Here’s two:

(source: comment in this Facebook post)

#14OCT2015 – New information about Zuhres video

Video was most probably filmed at Zuhres 2, flat 31, app 26.

Information about inhabitant(s) collected but to make sure it is not gossip it has to be verified by other sources than neighbours only.


NOTE: Ukraine’s secret service posted this on it website, but video does not contain tank nor armed Ural truck

#12OCT2015 post 1 – First attempt to identify and geolocate the person who made Buk Snizhne video at Prospect Gagarina. Details on this Facebook page

#12OCT2015 post 2 – Checking the highest point that obstructs view from smoke plume photographer to the ‘Buk launch site’. Details on this Facebook page

#11OCT2015 – Today I took a minibus ‘Buk route’ Donetsk – Torez

12 Minute video including 3 Buk sighting locations. If you don’t want to watch the whole video:

00m26s Paris Match location
08m03s Zuhres video location
12m05s Torez photo location

Total journey 1 hour 20 minutes
Average speed 70/80 Km/h with some stops

#09OCT2015- First data of my research trip in Donbass

total 309Mb

48.004286° 37.872544° – Paris Match parking spot Donetsk

22 Photos
1 video
1 GPX file (pls somebody tell me how this GPS data can be put in video – Garmin Virb Elite)

48.041389° 37.790000° – Stroimechanisatija

3 Photos

– I was on the terrain after two drunk guys opened the gate. The entire terrain is empty. Nothing of value. Only one white Scania totally broken and some very old and defininately not working mobile cranes and other scrap meta.

– The drunks told me that Tumosov Vasili Robertovitsj (manager who was interviewed by PM and NRC) left Donetsk one and a half years ago.

– The drunks told me the company had blue trucks. The white Volvo nor the red trailer were ever part of the inventory.

Of course these witnesses are not reliable, but nevertheless worthwhile to follow up their claims.

Download link for 309 MB

Give me your input. What I can do better, what else you need.

#30SEP2015 – Three days ago I tweeted this:

I asked my fixer April 21 right after our visit to Chervonyi Zhovten to quickly record what was discussed with Petr Fedotov. Fixer’s identity verifiable. Here’s the transcript:

OK then. He said it was indeed the rocket, but the installation [whatever launched it] might not be even Buk, because there is only one rocket on it. Combaynyor — he didn’t say who this is — anonymous Combaynyor, the man who worked at the fields, saw the launch and the vehicle, from which the launch was made. The place where the launch was made at that time on July 17 was in control of Ukrainian forces. It turns out that they moved this weapon from the rear to practically a frontline, made a launch, and moved it back to rear. After the launch, the field was burning. This is accurate. The man who worked at the field called this guy, Petr, and they tried to extinguish the fire. They came to this edge of the road and began extinguishing. But, but, this place was started to get shelled from Ukrainian side. That’s why they had to go to some place [round? can’t translate]. And only then they could extinguish the field. That’s all, maybe I can remember something else. (file HDV_0016.MP4)

What did he say?
Reuters wrote as if Petr saw a part of a rocket falling down, but when we asked Petr again, he said that Reuters is lying and no parts of a missile separated. It turns out that the missile went directly into plane’s hull [??? Maybe he meant “flew directly at the plane”].
Second question. There was a farmer…
Yes. There was a farmer who definitely saw the system, and he saw that on this system there weren’t four missiles, but just one. One missile. It was definitely a crawling installation/vehicle, armed with one missile.
( file HDV_0017.MP4)