This blog contains articles in three different languages:


First post was an open letter I sent to Defense and Foreign Affairs committees of the Dutch parliament within a few days after MH17 was shot down. In this letter I warned about: confirmation bias , tunnel vision, paradigm paralysis and other causes that lead to failing research. Dutch original and Googlish version.

Lying for Justice was the article I wrote after my second visit to the crash area in October 2015 and in which I formulated 14 specific research questions. Many of them are still unanswered (as per April 6 2019).

In MH17 – 1,000 Days I dissect the Joint Investigation Team’s presentation of evidence during the press conference held September 2016. If you want me to choose one article for you, please read this.

Further recommended:

45 minute interview about MH17 on Philippine television with a direct two minute appeal to president Putin

Study by Andrew about the military situation in and around Zaroshenskye.

and an article about MH17 as part of a geopolitical chess game.