Russia trolling JIT MH17

17 September 2018

Dear friends and haters, exciting times for me as out of the closet Kremlin Troll!

Two of my previous articles discussed studies pretending to dissect trolls disrupting the honest flow of information about the MH17 debate. In Weaponizing info about MH17 I dissected a study published by Chatham House and Dutch journos trolling Russia is about some outlandish claims by Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer.

Today was a remarkable day. For the first time the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation held a press conference about the MH17 case in which it took a pro-active stance, instead as previously, responding to challenges from its ‘partners’.

Mentioning of my two articles related to the trolling phenomenon was done on purpose and I will now explain why. Here’s the [36min53secs] video of the press conference.

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